Transportation-“Hub& Spoke”

Due to an increasing division of labour worldwide the transport of goods get more and more important. These fact needs efficient structured transport networks which fulfill the customer demands regarding the service quality. Simultaneously the globalization leads to a steady increasing pressure of competition in the transport sector. Therefore the companies in the transport sector wants to distinguish from their competitors with their offered services or through very slow costs.

With the emergence of parcel- and express services and the deregulation of the air transportation in the United States a new type of nets developed- the “Hub and Spoke”. It connects a lot of sources with many target locations, in which passengers and cargo not directly transported from source to target but conducted about hubs. The hubs are for the concentration and distribution of passengers and parcels. This allows the utilization of benefits with a shared transport to the hub.


Mayer, Gabriela (2001), “Strategische Logistikplanung von Hub&Spoke-Systemen, Gabler.


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